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26 January 2020

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"1st Dublin Fairview Scouts"

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Venturers : firstfairviewventures@gmail.com

Web: www.fairviewscouts.ie

Our Den, Croyden Gardens, Marino
Want to get involved in Scouting?

Scouts is not just for kids, Adult leaders are always welcome. Why not get in touch and join in the fun?

Monday: Beaver Scouts (6-8 yrs)
Tuesday: Cub Scouts (9-11 yrs)Wednesday: Cub Scouts (9-11 yrs)
Wednesday: Venture Scouts (15-18 yrs)
Thursday: Scouts (12-15 yrs)Friday: Beaver Scouts (6-8 yrs)

Rover Scouts (18-26 Yrs)

Any of our leader team will be more than happy to help with your queries. Please contact us via email at fairviewscouts@hotmail.com.

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