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26 January 2020


"1st Dublin Fairview Scouts"

Scouts (11 - 15 years)

Chief Scout Award & An Gaisce Bronze award was presented on 20th Jan 2016

Scouts is for boys and girls aged from 12 to 15 years and it's a great way to make loads of new friends and have a whole lotta fun too!

Scouts usually meet once a week in the local scout den but that?s only half the story! About once a month, the troop goes hiking, swimming, camping, to the cinema or wherever you wanna go! That the cool thing about Scouts, you help decide what the Troop does and when now where else will you get that kinda input!

Each Scout Troop runs on what we like to call the Patrol system. Each Troop is broken into smaller groups called Patrols and each Patrol has a leader called a Patrol Leader (PL) no, not an adult, a kid just like you! With the help of the PLs, the leaders in the Troop plan exciting activities and games for you to take part in its great!

The Scouts are ful at the moment.

A long waiting list is in use.

To locate other near by Scout Groups please use this website


If you have any questions dont not hesitate to contact us at fairviewscouts@hotmail.com and put Tuesday cubs in subject bar.

In 1st Dublin Fairview meet on Thursday Evening.

The scout motto is

'Bi Ullimh' or 'Be prepared'

Updated: 26 February 2016