We have two Cub Packs!

One that meets on a Tuesday, and one that meets on a Wednesday

Cub Scouts range from 9 to 11 years of age. The Cub Scout adventure is full of fun and exploration. We are all about finding out about new things and new ways of having fun. We learn to become more responsible because we want to do more things like go on longer camps and lead activities. Cub Scouts are organized into small groups called Sixes and guess what, there are 6 Cub Scouts in them! The Sixes are collected together in what we call a Pack. The Six has one of the Cub Scouts as their leader and that person is called the Sixer. The Sixers meet and talk about things that the Cub Scouts would like to do and this meeting is called a Sixer Council.

If you want to learn more about the night that suits you, Check out Tuesday Cubs and Wednesday Cubs
Important: Please see “Joining as a new Youth Member” if you wish to join Fairview.