Whether you’re a Venture moving up to a new section, returning to the area from work/study/travel or a new member from the community or the local area, it’s a good idea to join a crew for a meeting, or start with a group from your friends, college or wherever.

Use the meeting to introduce yourself, ask questions and learn more about what it is to be a Rover Scout. As in the other sections, the Rover programme is made up of several components such as special interest badges, Chief Scout Award, Adventure Skills, Nautical badge scheme and activities. The unique element to the Rover section is the ASSES, which are the programme aims for the section. This is an acronym for Adventures, Service, Skill, Environmental and Social. You might find this information helpful before you start talking about designing the programme and activities for the section.


If you’re part of a scout group, and you’re involved with the other sections, registration of Adult Scouters is currently €25 and it is usually paid by the group. Registration for Rovers who are youth members is €45 and is usually paid by the Rover Scout. Some Rover sections fundraise to subsidise the registration fees, you can consider this as a long term plan once the section is established.

We’re pretty flexible, and we know that you might not have all the time in the world, that’s okay.

If you want to get involved, send us an email.