The Monday Beaver Team is

Elizabeth Cummins [Team Lead]
Paul Henness
Catherine Mara
Jenny Earley
Eoin O’Hehir
Fiona Dockery

Recent Events! 
Carol Singing at Fairview Community Centre. Every Christmas Monday Beavers are
invited by the staff and residents of the FCC to spread a little Christmas cheer! We don our gayest apparel and sing our hearts out! This year several of the beavers made some festive maracas to really shake things up!
Maynooth Sleepover
Mondays had a lovely time on our first overnight activity of the year. We had an exciting train journey and hike along the  Canal to get to our final destination – Maynooth Scout Den. We had lots of fun games, arts and crafts and a delicious pizza dinner for a treat! As part of our environmental theme this year our film of choice was Wall-E. Saturday morning saw us honing our exploring skills by learning how to make tracking symbols. This all took place in the beautiful grounds of NUI Maynooth! A fun filled night leaving parents with delighted but exhausted beavers to fall asleep on the car journey home!

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