Who we are

Venture Scouts are a really mixed group of young people. Some of us have just turned 15, and are preparing to do our Junior Cert or GCSEs. Some of us are already in their final year of school. Some of us might have even left school, to go to work or university. This means there are lots of different types of people with different interests in Ventures, so you’ll always find someone with the same passions as you; whether you love sailing, rock climbing, baking, whatever!

What we do

We go on (ad)Ventures! The great thing about Venture Scouts is that, with your Venture Crew, you can decide your own activities and trips. We could plan a trip to the Alps, to a scout center abroad, to the cinema… Most Venture Crews will meet regularly, maybe once a week, to plan projects or trips or to do activities. Through choosing your activities, you’re creating your own path through scouting, one that takes you wherever you’d like to go.

How we do it

All of us Ventures are members of Venture Crews, which can be small groups of just a couple of Ventures or huge groups with dozens. Crews will organise activities and trips together, with some guidance from their Venture Scouter, an experienced adult who is there to help and support us. An important part of Scouting is the Law and Promise that we make. Don’t worry, you don’t have to sell your soul or give us your firstborn child, you basically just have to promise to always do your best for yourself and your community.

Why we do it

Venture Scouts are Venture Scouts for a lot of different reasons. Some of us are here to have the craic and hang out with our friends. Some of us are here so we can grab opportunities for adventure. Some of us want to give back to our communities and help other young people to have incredible experiences as we’ve had. Whatever your reason, joining Venture Scouts makes you a part of a community that stretched not only over this island but across the whole world.

Find out more about our current ventures, what they have been up to.  We meet on Thursdays. 
Important: Please see “Joining as a new Youth Member” if you wish to join Fairview.